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Arable Data Dictionary

API users can view the current schemas using:


GET https://api-user.arable.cloud/api/v2/schemas/hourly and 

GET https://api-user.arable.cloud/api/v2/schemas/sentek_hourly 


GET https://api-user.arable.cloud/api/v2/schemas/daily and

GET https://api-user.arable.cloud/api/v2/schemas/sentek_daily 


GET https://api-user.arable.cloud/api/v2/schemas/health 

Basic Auth is required.

Other users can refer to the attached file with definitions of:

  • the columns in the CSV files are emailed automatically to users upon request
  • the fields that can be queried using the Arable Distillery API

Arable Weather and Soil Data Dictionary for API_v1.5.pdf