Arable Mobile 4.8.0 Release Notes

Doc Number: ARA2023-00011 Rev A Date: June 22, 2023

Release Overview

The Arable Mobile 4.8.0 release is introducing Arable Vision providing subscribed users with a clear, high-resolution image of the crop every day and puts that image in the context of what was happening in the field environment. As an add-on subscription, once Vision is enabled the Mark 3 will capture one image per day directly from the Mark 3 device's embedded camera. Images will be available for viewing in the Arable Mobile application allowing users to visually monitor crop development, stress, and change detection with images directly from the Mark 3. 

We hope you will enjoy this new release. We always welcome your feedback through Customer Success ( or via your account manager. 


June 22, 2023


General Release

OS Support

Android 10, 11, 12, 13; iOS 15, 16

Language Support

English; Mobile: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Ukrainian and Polish

Screen Size & Resolution

Minimum 540 x 960 pts screen resolution and 4.5” screen size

Type of Release

Major Release


iOS 4.8.0, Android 4.8.0

Change Log

New Features

  • Vision v1.1: Provide access to daily images in Arable Mobile and Web from a Mark 3 when subscribed to the Vision feature
  • Use of local anemometer Wind speed in ET Mark 3 calculation

Known Issues 

  • For customers that are trying out our new Water feature on site-view, the GEMS pressure switch needs to be selected on the analog port in order to capture irrigation runtime data from the drip irrigation line. This means that there will be no wind direction provided in the user interface even if you have an anemometer connected. However, you can still validate and see wind speed data from the Bridge pulse port.  
  • In the new Water Views, after a Gems sensor is configured the values for the readings will display in the Multi-site View as runtimes. However, the first Irrigation amount will not be added to the Water Balance or Irrigation details measurements in the Single Site views. All irrigation events after the first event will be recorded in both the Single Site views as amounts and in the Multi Site views as runtimes. 
  • For the Single Site and Multi Site views of Water, the Irrigation to Replace ETc value will not populate if no Irrigation event has taken place within the previous seven days. 
  • For the Multi-site Views, the Last Irrigation Runtime is displaying the hours for the last irrigation event that took place. If a given day had multiple irrigated events, the display would only be of the most recent one, not the aggregation for the day. 
  • For Irrigation events, if a flow rate was improperly configured there is no way to go back and correct previous readings with a new flow rate to reflect accurate applied irrigation measurements. 
  • If the Mark anemometer is not detecting any wind, then this is shown in the user interface as “--” wind in the Map and List. In the Spray Timing details page such hours are falling back to remote sensed wind. We will improve this in a future release and show “0” wind speed instead. 
  • The max/min temperature readings on the Weather list, Daily tab show observed data only for today, while the individual location details screens for Heat Spikes and Frost Events take into account both observed and forecasted hours for the current day.
  • The remote-sensed temperature data can show a difference between hourly and daily max/min temperature, as they are measured slightly differently. For the remote-sensed enhanced forecast, the hourly values represent the projected temperature at that forecast time (usually top of the hour). However, the max/min temps often occur within the hour and the daily forecast products capture that. There is currently no short-term solution for this discrepancy. 
  • The local Mark max/min temperature for the hour is taken as the max/min of all 5-min interval readings during that hour. Meanwhile, the current temperature is the average for the last hour, creating a discrepancy between the two values during weather alerts. We are investigating whether relying on a 5-min interval for Tmin/Tmax is vulnerable to noise, and if so, will change this algorithm.
  • Terms & Conditions are e-mailed in English, regardless of what language is registered. A link to alternative languages is provided in the email. 
  • The alerts in the My Alerts log are shown in English even if another language is selected in Arable Mobile. 
  • Push notifications are presented based on the language configured on the phone and not the language set in Arable Mobile. 
  • When clicking on a notification, the app will navigate to either the Heat Spikes or Frost Events screens, but won’t open the hourly records to point out the current-hour row. 
  • Even for a site in which a device is in “Excluded” state, it will generate a "Delayed Data" alert for this site if more than 12 hours without sync. 
  • For a site user, alerts are not displayed as per the team selection and unable to be marked as read when a team is selected in Mobile. 
  • The Mobile App is showing the deployment name based on browser rather than local device time. 
  • In certain conditions, the daily tdew is wrongly aggregated and does not match the hourly values.