Arable Web 9.8.0 Release Notes

Doc Number: ARA2023-00010 Rev A Date: June 22, 2023

Release Overview

The Arable Web 9.8.0 release is introducing Arable Vision providing subscribed users with a clear, high-resolution image of their crop every day and puts that image in the context of what was happening in the field environment. As an add-on subscription, once Vision is enabled the Mark 3 will capture one image per day directly from the Mark 3 device's embedded camera. Images will be available for viewing in Arable Web applications allowing users to visually monitor crop development, stress, and change detection with images directly from the Mark 3. 

Additional enhancements in this product release include:

  • Search capability within Sites - users can now search within Sites for a device id or Site name for an improved experience to find and edit site locations with the Site navigation page removing the need to go out into the global navigation bar Search engine each time. 
  • Wind Speed in ET Calculation for Mark 3 - wind speed (when available via anemometer) has been added to the  Mark 3 (P-M) ET model. 
  • Hubspot Help Integration (Web). 

We hope you will enjoy this new release. We always welcome feedback through Customer Success ( or via your account manager. 


June 22, 2023

Instance affected




Chrome 114, Edge 114, Safari 16.3, iPad 16

Type of Release

Major Release



List of Changes

New features

  • Vision v1.1: Provide access to daily images in Arable Web from a Mark 3 when subscribed to the Vision feature
  • Sites Search: users can now search within Sites for a device id or Site name for an improved experience to find and edit site locations with the Site navigation page
  • Hubspot Help Integration: Replace Zendesk Help/chat bubble with Hubspot chat bubble in Arable Web
  • Differentiate Active vs. Past locations on Site Weather details map/list
  • Use of local anemometer Wind speed in ET Mark 3 calculation

Defect Fixes

  • While in the Rank Page, the graph is not being updated when going from another measurement to GDD. 
  • When a Site does not have a Season (new or previous), the user is taken from the Map page to the old Water 1.0 UI
  • If a user does not have Water permissions, the option to “Edit Soil Properties” & “Manual Irrigation” should not be accessible. 
  • Following the Hubspot transition, the Web release notes page link is broken

Known Issues 

  • For customers that are trying out our new Water feature on site-view, the GEMS pressure switch needs to be selected on the analog port in order to capture irrigation runtime data from the drip irrigation line. This means that there will be no wind direction provided in the user interface even if you have an anemometer connected. However, you can still validate and see wind speed data from the Bridge pulse port.  
  • In the new Water views, after a GEMS sensor is configured the values for the readings will display in the Multi-site View as runtimes. However, the first Irrigation amount will not be added to the Water Balance or Irrigation details measurements in the Single Site views. All irrigation events after the first event will be recorded in both the Single Site views as amounts and in the Multi Site views as runtimes. 
  • For the Multi-site Views, the Last Irrigation Runtime is displaying the hours for the last irrigation event that took place. If a given day had multiple irrigated events, the display would only be of the most recent one, not the aggregation for the day. 
  • For the Single Site and Multi Site views of water, the Irrigation to Replace ETc value will not populate if no Irrigation event has taken place within the previous seven days.
  • For Irrigation events, if a flow rate was improperly configured there is no way to go back and correct previous readings with a new flow rate to reflect accurate applied irrigation measurements. 
  • The local Mark max/min temperature for the hour is taken as the max/min of all 5-min interval readings during that hour. Meanwhile, the current temperature is the average for the last hour, creating a discrepancy between the two values during weather alerts. We are investigating whether relying on a 5-min interval for Tmin/Tmax is vulnerable to noise, and if so, will change this algorithm.
  • Currently the NDVI measurement and graph do not show or deal with a drop due to temporary cloudy days. To circumvent any misunderstandings, users can also review the solar radiation with the two-measurement graph feature. A future enhancement to incorporate cloud cover when calculating NDVI is expected.
  • When selecting a longer time range in Graph for Daily Precipitation, then the bar for multiple days is averaged rather than summed. We plan to correct this in the next upcoming release.
  • Even for a site in which a device is in “Excluded” state, it will generate a "Delayed Data" alert for this site if more than 12 hours without sync. 
  • The Site card in the Site page shows the "Create Season" option even in the case that an existing season is present. We plan to correct this in the next upcoming release.