Arable Web 9.9.0 Release Notes

Doc Number: ARA2023-00016 Rev A Date: Aug 23, 2023

Release Overview

In the Arable Web 9.9.0 release we are excited to announce the inclusion of Spanish language localization to Arable Web. With this release, users will have the ability to select a preferred language in the Account page. Language selection preferences will be reflected in the Map Page and Site-details Page. Additionally, we have included front-end improvements to the Soil Moisture presentation and improved Teams functionality to show devices that are not assigned to any specific team-UI. 

We hope you will enjoy this new release. We always welcome feedback through Customer Success ( or via your account manager. 


Aug 23, 2023

Instance affected




Chrome 115, Edge 115, Safari 16.5, iPad 16

Type of Release

Major Release



List of Changes

New Features

  • Arable Web Language Support  - Spanish is now available
  • The visuals of VWC Soil Moisture has been updated to show % instead of “in/ft” in the Map and Irrigation pages
  • For Teams users, any devices that are not assigned to a specific Team-UI are now visible for allocating in the Teams page banner

Defect Fixes

  • Sensor icons are now visible when navigating to Devices page from Search results
  • Water - Info Modals for ETc replacement has been updated for Water Details & Water Balance to explain measurements
  • Data Export Functionality - Users can now successfully export data for the time range that they have selected
  • A device which is in “Excluded” state in a site will not generate a "Delayed Data" alert for this site
  • The validation of the anemometer sensor did not show up in the Weather details page for Mark 3 in Arable Web 9.8.0. This is now fixed in the new release
  • Entering the value “0” in the Heat Spikes, Frost Events and Tilt thresholds in the Alert Settings page did not save in Arable Web 9.8.0. This is now fixed in the new release
  • For the Water feature, the Soil Properties were not possible to edit in the Single Site Water page in certain conditions in Arable Web 9.8.0. This is now fixed in the new release
  • For the Water feature, the Irrigation to Replace ETc was not consistently populating in Arable Web 9.8.0. This is now fixed in the new release
  • When using the Search function to get to a device in the Device Page, the sensor validation data was not always showing up in Arable Web 9.8.0. This is now fixed in the new release
  • It is now possible to copy Growth Stages from the last season to a new season for the same site
  • In case either wind speed or wind direction is not received from the Mark, then wind speed will be used for labeling local or remote sensed wind
  • The y-axis in Graph charts are now adjusted only based on the data measurements within the time span selected
  • The Graph chart was showing zero values in hourly data for cumulative precipitation in Arable Web 9.8.0. This is now fixed in the new release
  • Locations were still showing up in Site Edit pop-up map and list even if archived in Arable Web 9.8.0. This is now fixed in the new release

Known Issues 

  • It is only possible to assign a new deployment to one Team in the Map page. Assigning to a second team has to be done from the Teams page.
  • OrgAdmins for tenants with 1,000 or more sites may experience response times in the 10 sec range on Team Edit modal and Alert Settings
  • The arrow that is shown in Graph charts and Weather details page, is pointing towards the origin of the wind instead of away
  • GDD values are not populating in CSV Export
  • For customers that are trying out our new Water feature on site-view, the GEMS pressure switch needs to be selected for Mark 2 devices on the analog port in order to capture irrigation runtime data from the drip irrigation line. This means that there will be no wind direction provided in the user interface even if you have an anemometer connected. However, you can still validate and see wind speed data from the Bridge pulse port.
  • In the new Water views, after a GEMS sensor is configured the values for the readings will display in the Multi-site View as runtimes. However, the first Irrigation amount will not be added to the Water Balance or Irrigation details measurements in the Single Site views. All irrigation events after the first event will be recorded in both the Single Site views as amounts and in the Multi Site views as runtimes. 
  • For the Multi-site Views, the Last Irrigation Runtime is displaying the hours for the last irrigation event that took place. If a given day had multiple irrigated events, the display would only be of the most recent one, not the aggregation for the day. 
  • For the Single Site and Multi Site views of water, the Irrigation to Replace ETc value will not populate if no Irrigation event has taken place within the previous seven days.
  • For Irrigation events, if a flow rate was improperly configured there is no way to go back and correct previous readings with a new flow rate to reflect accurate applied irrigation measurements. 
  • The local Mark max/min temperature for the hour is taken as the max/min of all 5-min interval readings during that hour. Meanwhile, the current temperature is the average for the last hour, creating a discrepancy between the two values during weather alerts. We are investigating whether relying on a 5-min interval for Tmin/Tmax is vulnerable to noise, and if so, will change this algorithm.
  • Currently the NDVI measurement and graph do not show or deal with a drop due to temporary cloudy days. To circumvent any misunderstandings, users can also review the solar radiation with the two-measurement graph feature. A future enhancement to incorporate cloud cover when calculating NDVI is expected.
  • "Delayed Data Delivery" Alert Message states no action, but the unit has not been reporting in for 12 hours. An updated message is planned and would read {device_id} at {site_name} is offline. Please check your device.
  • The Site card in the Site page shows the "Create Season" option even in the case that an existing season is present. We plan to correct this in the next upcoming release.