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Troubleshoot and reset your Mark 2 device

Check battery level and solar cable connections


 If battery LED light is red, ensure that an Arable Solar panel is connected to Mark:

  1. Check all connections between cables
  2. Check cable connection to port on underside of device
  3. In full outdoor sunlight, cover top dome completely to ensure that no light reaches internal solar cell. View charging indicator LED on underside of device. If charging indicator LED illuminates, then external solar panel is charging Mark device.

light led yellow

Check deployment status

View status indicator on underside of device, and short-press top button for 1 second.

Green = deployed


Yellow = undeployed


Blue = progressing through deployment sequence


Undeploy device

Press and hold top button 3 seconds to undeploy device


Repeat to deploy device.

Verify that deployment status indicator illuminates green.

Soft reset

A soft reset can help clear device faults or errors and help restore proper functionality.

Soft reset 15 sec

Hard reset with a paper clip

In rare cases, Arable may ask you to perform a "hard" reset using these steps:

1. Remove watertight SIM cover with screwdriver ⊕



2. Press paper clip into hole marked "RESET"


3. Align rectangular seal on inside of SIM cover with rectangular hole.


4. Re-attach SIM cover with screws. IMPORTANT: Ensure a watertight seal.