What do the different device statuses mean?

Refer to this guide to understand the different device states for your Arable Marks or Locations.

  • Device Status

    • Active
      Named devices that are posting measurements to our servers as expected, at least once every 8.5 hours.
    • Dormant
      Devices that have been undeployed by the user and are not collecting data. The devices are off and will not attempt to connect or transmit data.
    • Inactive
      Deployed devices that have not posted measurements to our servers for 12 hours. The most common causes are low battery, poor connectivity, or error. The device will attempt to reconnect once per day, and the status will change to Active once the connection is restored.
    • New
      Any device that has been added to your account but which has not yet been named. Once named, the status is updated to reflect its connectivity state.
    • Removed
      The removed device status indicates that the device has been physically removed from the field without being undeployed, usually to be stored for the winter. This status is set either manually by Arable upon request or automatically after 9 months of being Inactive. If the device was Inactive when set to Removed it will continue to attempt to reconnect once per day and the status will change to Active if the connection is restored.
    • Retired
      The retired device state is manually set by Arable after discussion with you and denotes that the device has been lost, stolen, damaged, or is otherwise non-functional.


    For API users only

    Location Status

    • Pending
      Similar to the "New" device status. A device that has been deployed but the Location is still unnamed. Once the Location has a name it will update to reflect its connectivity status.
    • Inactive
      The Location has no Active device associated.
    • Location status = unknown
      The device had a GPS acquisition error, most often caused by an overhead obstruction. Ensure that the device has clear line-of-sight to the sky and is not under a roof or other obstruction.
    • Confirmed
      The device is sending GPS coordinates and has been named.