Arable Backend API 3.10.0 Release Notes

Doc Number: ARA2023-00020 Rev A / Date: Nov 28, 2023

Release Overview

Arable API 3.10.0 is a release supporting updates to the Arable Mobile 4.10.0 and Arable Web 9.10.0.

Main endpoints supported for the Arable Developer API are listed in this API dictionary.

We hope you will enjoy this new release. We always welcome your feedback through Customer Success ( or via your account manager. 


Nov 28,  2023

Instance affected



api-device v1.25.0

api-user v3.75.0

data-processing v0.48.0

app-admin v1.26.0

Image-processing v1.9.0

alerts v0.47.0

app-service v1.2.0




3rd Party Sensors

Sentek Drill and Drop Soil Moisture Probe DD-MTS and DD-MT

Davis Wind Anemometer 6410 and 7911

GEMS PS41 Series Pressure Switch

Type of Release

Major Release



List of Changes

New Features

  • Spray Timing window was earlier computed for next 24 hours from the current date, this is now enhanced to compute the spray window for next 7 days in the future.
  • Image quality improvements : The quality of the images from the Mark 3 devices are now going through a white-balance correction as part of the backend processing.
  • There is now an option, controlled by feature flags, to allow users to enter days rather than GDD units for growth stages for a season. 

Defect Fixes

  • The system was not recognizing soil probe depths, even soil moisture sensors were configured in the device. This has now been corrected.
  • After a device is retired and returned, the location of the device in the original org continues to be active until the device is undeployed. Now,

    -> If a device is in active or inactive state and is set to retire, then the deployment location shall be ended.

    -> A new location shall be created if the unit comes back active and syncs again

  • The default tilt alert threshold value is updated to 15 degrees for existing organizations which earlier had the default value as 10 degrees.
    Also the default tilt threshold will now be 15 degrees for any new organizations created.
  • A few devices had double sensors with and without end_time in database. This has now been resolved.
  • It is now possible to delete a team as long as the site, which is a part of them, is archived.
  • Whenever the device is moved more than 200 meters without being undeployed, a new location will now be created.
  • When a Gems Pressure switch is connected but no water has flown through it, then the pressure switch will now be autodetected. Also the system will auto detect if the pressure switch has been disconnected.
  • Locations were still being named as “Untitled Location” if the Org is not explicitly assigned to the site feature flag. Now based on the “Enable everywhere” for the Sites feature, all deployments will have named locations.

Known Issues

  • Water Feature: Irrigation Runtime Hours should only show the hours for the last event and not for all events during the last 7 days.
  • The Alert message is currently the same for an inactive device and for a dormant device while the latter is due to an explicit action to turn off the unit.
  • The API provides a low quality flag, but this is currently not to be used as it is triggered by PAR and SWdw range checks that are not correct. Plan is to deprecate the low quality flag and instead publish a set of rules that are applied within the Arable system to clean the data from sensor and range errors.
  • PARdw is not yet exposed and not provided in the API for Mark 3. 
  • CWD is not provided in the API for Mark 3.
  • There can be different number of decimals for temperature in API vs. UI.