Arable Backend API 3.9.0 Release Notes

Doc Number: ARA2023-00015 Rev A Date: Aug 23, 2023

Release Overview

Arable API 3.9.0 is a release supporting updates to the Arable Mobile 4.9.0 and Arable Web 9.9.0.

Main endpoints supported for the Arable Developer API are listed in this API dictionary.

We hope you will enjoy this new release. We always welcome your feedback through Customer Success ( or via your account manager. 


Aug 23,  2023

Instance affected



api-device v1.23.0

api-user v3.62.0

data-processing v0.41.0

api-weather v2.22.0

app-admin 1.22.0

postgresDB 12.12.0




3rd Party Sensors

Sentek Drill and Drop Soil Moisture Probe DD-MTS and DD-MT

Davis Wind Anemometer 6410 and 7911

GEMS PS41 Series Pressure Switch

Type of Release

Major Release



Defect Fixes

  • A tenant that is created by a distributor does now have the arable CS account for customer success management
  • "Data delay" alerts are now not being delivered for an excluded device in a site
  • Irrigation to Replace ETc is now filled with data even when there is no water flow as long as flow rate is configured.
  • ETc, CI and NDVI are now returning the previous day value if the current day value is not yet computed in the maps page
  • ETc forecast is now using the previous day NDVI for Kc value if the current day value is not yet computed in the Plant details page.
  • Functionality to show the devices that are not assigned to any team have been added (support the Teams page)
  • A Team is now possible to delete, even if one of its sites are not yet deleted (archived) yet.
  • Sensor icons are now  showing on the Devices page when navigating via Search results.

Known Issues

  • Water Feature: Irrigation Runtime Hours should only show the hours for the last event and not for all events during the last 7 days.
  • Water Feature: Proximity to Refill Threshold values are not matching between single and multi-site views when selecting individual depths.
  • The Alert message is currently the same for an inactive device and for a dormant device while the latter is due to an explicit action to turn off the unit.
  • The API provides a low quality flag, but this is currently not to be used as it is triggered by PAR and SWdw range checks that are not correct. Plan is to deprecate the low quality flag and instead publish a set of rules that are applied within the Arable system to clean the data from sensor and range errors.
  • Abnormal values for Chlorophyll Index are seen in certain instances.
  • PARdw is not yet exposed and not provided in the API for Mark 3.
  • CWD is not provided in the API for Mark 3.
  • There is currently no autodetection if GEMS Pressure Switch is disconnected from the Mark 3.