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Mark 3 Removal & Storage Instructions

Follow this guide to properly undeploy, remove, and store your Mark 3 device at the end of the season.

Please ensure that your Mark 3 is successfully UNDEPLOYED prior to removing it from the field. Removing a device from the field in a Deployed state could have undesired impacts to data and can reduce long-term battery performance.

  1. Undeploy Mark 3
    1. Press and hold power button for 2 seconds, then release. 
    2. Blinking amber lights turn off when undeployment is complete.
    3. Note: Undeployment can take up to 10 minutes if network coverage is low.
  2. Confirm undeployment
    1. Quickly press the power button (<1 second), then check the LED panel.
    2. If successfully undeployed, only the lightning bolt icon will flash green or red. No other icons should illuminate.
    3. If any other icons illuminate, wait at least 10 minutes, then try to undeploy again. If network coverage is low, move the device to an area with stronger signal and reattempt undeployment.
  3. Uninstall Mark 3
    1. Remove the Mark from its pole by loosening the mounting screw and carefully lifting the device off the pole.
  4. Uninstall mounting equipment
    1. Remove pole and ground anchor, if using. Don’t forget a sturdy rod to unscrew the anchor. Be sure to retain the eye bolts for future use.
  5. Remove bird spikes, antennas, and accessories
    1. Pull the bird spikes out of their slots, using pliers if needed. Unscrew the antennas. If applicable, remove the bridge and accessories and set them aside for cleaning.
  6. Clean device and ensure all cover caps are replaced 
    1. Clean the exterior of the device with a soft, damp cloth. Take special care with the top dome and the lenses on the top and underside of the device. 
    2. Replace any caps over connection, accessory, and charging ports.
  7. (Optional) Remove solar panel
    1. The solar panel can be removed to enable storage in the original packaging or other tight space.
    2. Remove the thumb screw from the solar panel.
    3. Gently separate the solar panel away from Mark 3 body. Be careful not to strain the internal cable connector.
    4. Disconnect the solar panel cable by grasping both sides of the cable and pulling apart.
    5. Slide the solar panel the rest of the way. 
  8. Fully charge Mark 3 PRIOR to storage
    1. Charge the device by plugging your charging cord into the provided USB-C converter or directly into a 10W+ wall charger. When attaching the cable, ensure that the arrow sticker is lined up parallel towards the solar panel. The lightning bolt icon will be orange while charging and will turn white when fully charged. Reattach the charging cap prior to storage.
    2. Using a 10W+ charger, charging to full battery can take up to 7 hours from empty. If using a 5W charger, charging to full battery can take up to 14 hours. 
  9. Confirm device status on Arable Web or Mobile
    1. The undeployed device should now be in the ‘Dormant’ state. Verify the device status on the Devices page on Arable Web or the Device Status screen on Arable Mobile.  This is also a good time to update any other account settings such as Teams, Users, or Sites.
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