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Sites: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about how Sites work in the Arable app.

  • What is Sites?

    • Sites is a new way of organizing and viewing your Arable data. Previously your Arable data were associated with the device itself as well as a "Location" which corresponds to a single GPS point. With Sites, your data are still associated with the device, but now they can be associated with fields, blocks, or any other kind of management zone.
  • What are the benefits of Sites?

    • The Sites structure has several benefits over Locations. 
      1. Easier deployment and redeployment
      2. Better year-over-year and season-over-season continuity of data
      3. Enhanced area-based features
  • What's the difference between Assign, Include, and Exclude?

    • Assign = The data from the device will be associated with the Site even if the device leaves the Site boundaries.
    • Include = The data from the device will only be associated with the Site while the device remains inside the Site boundaries.
    • Exclude = The data from the device will not be associated with the Site even if inside the Site boundaries.
  • Can a single Mark device be associated with multiple sites?

    • Yes, a device can be Assigned or Included in multiple sites.
  • Can Sites overlap?

    • Yes. Site boundaries can overlap and you can choose whether to Include, Assign, of Exclude each Mark from each Site.
  • Can you validate a sensor without having an associated Site?

    • Yes.
  • Will Seasons and Teams from my Locations be applied to my new Sites?

    • Arable can automatically convert existing Locations to Sites and these new Sites will retain the Season and Team settings. 
    • If any Sites are created manually the Seasons and Teams will also need to be manually recreated.
  • If I remove a Site with a Season, will it also remove the Season?

    • Yes.
  • Can a Site be assigned to multiple Teams?

    • Yes.
  • Will Location-Specific Alert settings be carried over to Sites?

    • No, any custom notifications configured for Locations will have to be manually reconfigured for each Site in the Alert Settings menu.
  • Do I have to manually draw all of the boundaries for my Sites?

    • No, Sites can be created with default boundaries, and the shapes or sizes of Site boundaries which will not affect any core functionality.
    • Some advanced features may require precise boundaries and those prerequisites will be identified when necessary.
  • Can my Sites be any size?

    • The area of a Site cannot exceed 10 square kilometers.
    • The longest linear dimension of a site cannot exceed 10 kilometers.
    • An assigned location outside the site’s boundary cannot be further than 10 kilometers from the site’s centroid (geographic center).
  • I already have shapefiles for my fields, can I use those to create my boundaries?

    • Yes, if you have shapefiles we can upload them to apply the same boundaries to your Sites.
    • We accept shape files in the WGS84 format.
    • Contact support@arable.com to learn more about uploading shapefiles.
  • Do I need to update my API calls?

    • We recommend using the Site ID in your API calls to avoid confusion and facilitate multi-year analysis. However, you may continue using Location or Device. 
  • Can I move a device from one Site to a different Site?

    • Yes. You will need to change it from Assigned/Included for the existing Site to Excluded, and then Assign/Include it with the new Site.
  • How will remote data be used with Sites?

    • If a Site contains any Mark with an anemometer accessory then the Mark's anemometer data will be used for the Site. 
    • If the Site only contains Marks without anemometers then remote data will be used for the Site. 
  • How are data aggregated in Sites with multiple devices?

  • Can I create a Site for historical Locations no longer active?

    • Yes. In the "Create New Site" screen you can search for any Location or Device ID to create a Site for it.
  • Can I remove historical deployment Locations that were created by accident or testing?

    • Yes, you can archive and hide any Locations that you don't want to see. Contact support@arable.com to request these Locations to be archived. Any Sites created from these Locations can be Removed from the Edit Site menu on the Sites page.