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Test for Cellular Connectivity

Before installing your device in the field make sure you have enough cellular signal strength.

Generally, if you turn off LTE on your phone and still have two bars of 3G the Arable Mark will be able to connect to the server and send data to the cloud at regular intervals. 

For more extensive testing we recommend the ubersignal field test method. 


  1. Turn off WiFi. 
    Go into Settings > WiFi and turn WiFi Off.This will enable you to see what network you're connected to (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, etc).
  2. Turn off LTE.

    For iOS 9.3 and above
    : Go into Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Enable LTE and turn LTE to Off.

    For iOS 9.2 and below
    : Go into Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE and turn LTE to Off.

    Note: LTE readings can be very different from previous networks so to best interpret the results, we ideally want signal readings from a previous generation network. You can also repeat the site survey with LTE enabled, just be sure to keep track of which readings are which.
  3. Call *3001#12345#*
    Go into the Phone app and switch to the Keypad, as you would do to dial a phone number. Dial *3001#12345#* and press the Call button.
  4. Exit and don't forget to enable WiFi and LTE. 
    To exit and return your iPhone to normal status, all you need to do is hit the Home button. Also remember to go back into Settings and enable WiFi and Cellular LTE. 


Accessing Field test mode on Android phones is also straightforward. You simply need to find your way to “Settings” > “About Phone”, and your numerical signal strength will be available under either Network or Status, depending on the model of the phone you own. There’s usually another option near the signal strength that says the Network Type.

What the Numbers Mean

Very Good
-65 and above (closer to 0 the better)

-65 to -70

-71 and below (ex: -86 we are unable to send data frequently)